Year End Retreat

Embark on a Spiritual Journey: "Journey into Silence - Listening to the Divine Voice" Retreat

Discover the transformative power of silence and deepen your connection with God in this immersive three-day retreat.

What to Expect:

Day 1 - Arrival and Preparation for Silence:

-Welcome to a sacred space where silence becomes a powerful tool for spiritual growth.

-Learn about the profound impact of silence and what the Bible teaches us about how important it is

-Immerse yourself in a guided meditation where we will start the process of "comfort with silence" and gently ease into the retreat.

-Enjoy a relaxing candlelight prayer service to close the evening

Day 2 - Deepening the Silence:

-Engage in morning prayer and contemplation, setting the tone for a day of introspection.

-Explore practical ways to integrate silence into your daily life so you can find that "God and You reset" any time of the day

-Connect with nature through a guided walk and discover the silence of God's creation in the natural world.

-Participate in interactive workshops on listening to God's voice in the silence, learning to just "be" instead of "doing", and how to use silence as a powerful tool

Day 3 - Listening and Integration:

-Reflect on your journey through silent contemplation as you add colour to your textured artwork.

-Share the next steps with fellow participants on taking your new-found gift of silence back into your daily life.

Why Join "Journey into Silence"?

  • Transformational Experience: Open yourself to the profound impact of silence on your spiritual journey.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by experienced facilitators, this retreat provides expert insights and practices for deepening your connection with God.
  • Community Support: Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, sharing in the experience of silence and spiritual exploration.
  • Practical Tools: Learn practical techniques to bring the power of silence into your daily life, fostering spiritual growth beyond the retreat.
  • WHEN: December 15, 5:00 pm arrive - December 17, 3:00 pm depart
  • WHERE: Way Of Holiness Retreat Center & Lay Community Hinton, Alberta - DIRECTIONS
  • COST: $250/person
  • INCLUDES: Includes lodging, food, retreat & gift

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal. Reserve your spot for the "Journey into Silence - Listening to the Divine Voice" retreat now.

If you require financial assistance or a payment plan to attend this retreat
please call: 780-865-4055 or email: we would be happy to help