Our Current Needs

This page is updated as needs arise. We want to thank everyone who has answered the generous call to help us in the past and we are grateful for all those who will help us in the future.

Current Goods Needs

  • Potatoes - We go through a lot of potatoes.
  • Gas Stove - Our gas stoves are on their last leg and we have been left with one working stove. When we have guests we need more than one. If you have a working gas stove please consider donating it.
  • Cabinets - We have been putting back together the Old house on the property and need cupboards and countertops to finish putting together the kitchen.
  • Washer and dryer - stackable washer and dryer needed with a gas dryer.
  • Curtains - We need curtains of various sizes for the old house on the property as there are no window coverings in the house.

Current Service Needs

  • Director and Associate Director - Our current director is moving onto other callings God has given to her so we are looking for a new director. We are also looking for someone who can be in a support role to the director as the associate director.
  • Cook - we are seeking someone who would like to be a part of our community and cook for the community members and retreatants. They would receive room and board.