Please keep our prayer requests in your prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer for the following prayers:

  • For our lay community that it may be Christ-centered at all times, that we may hear the voice of God as we seek to add new members and that those new members will be exactly what we need as we need them and that they will answer the call to come and join us. That together we will continue to rely upon the providence of God to supply all we need.
  • For the retreat center as we look for a new director and associate director. God will guide those who have been called and the Board of Directors will support the new staff as they come into God's calling.
  • For our finances and the increasing costs to run the retreat center God will stir the hearts of the people around the world to support us financially so that we can keep the mission and vision of Sr. Mary-Jo alive for many more decades to come.
  • For all those hurting in the world, wherever they are, they will feel the presence of God in their lives and be filled with peace beyond understanding. They will be able to access places near them where they can retreat to and find the solitude and break from the burdens of life they seek.